The UCA (Uited Countries of America) is an alliance between The U.S.A, Canada, Russia, Hawaii, Cuba and Mexico that was formed over the years after the moonsplotion. This country’s people can be split up into a few major factions that inhabit it’s various borders.

The people of these lands, on the most part, live hard lives. Since most of Asia has been destroyed, The UCA must rely on their own crops and livestock to eat, therefore most people are now farmers/fishermen rather than office workers and they broadly embrace the red-neck lifestyle. Since the majority of the population is now dead or has moved bush, city’s have been left abandoned and where there are abandoned cities, there are gangs, strange happenings and crime.

There are however functioning cities still. Most of the East coast is still in-tact, but the further west you go, the further into post-apocalypse you descend, with LA and Vegas as hubs of crime and violence.

As for the ex-Russian part of the UCA, it has not changed too much, it is still a cold, crater filled hell hole with no nice people, although now they follow The Supreme Richard Nixon.

The parts of the UCA that are powered, are done so by Nuclear Power. These stations are rare though because meteor showers + Nuclear stations are not a good mix. Also any “renewable energy” is outlawed as it is “gay as shit and doesn’t work”


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